Monday, April 23, 2012

Old Tokai LS-150

Tokai Love Rock LS-150 (1981)

Last week I ran into this old piece of wood and metal at a great local store here in Tokyo called Nico Nico. It had just arrived at the store. I tried it out and was surprised at how thick the neck was. It is right around that '58 profile that I like. I would have probably bought it right there but there was no price and the boss has to have a look at everything for the price but he was off that day.  I left my number and waited for a call but had gone through this before at other places with other guitars and knew that often there is someone already ahead in line for things like this. A week later the boss called and let me know the price and that he would hang on to it for me. The next day I went down and picked it up.

It is by far the nicest Tokai and one of the nicest guitars *period* I have ever played. The lacquer finish is thin and has a great feel. I would say it feels and plays as well as the Greco EGF-1200 Super Real I used to have, but without the 3 piece back or 4.5 kg weight. For me the 1980-82 Japanese guitars have something special about them. Could just be my impression though. Here are a few pics. You can see the checking in the finish on the back.

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