Friday, December 14, 2012

Demo of Tokai Love Rock LS-150 (1981)

New look for an old Tokai.

1981 Tokai LS-150
Here is a short sample of Aoyama Oyaji's playing. Hopefully the Tokai LS-150 will make you overlook a few of the bum notes. The Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge and the PAF in the neck were not great for this guitar but that is all up to personal taste. There is now a pair of hot W. Boggs PAF-type pickups installed (thanks Denny!!). Readings are mid-8k for the neck and mid-9k for the bridge and I have figured out that resistance readings don't mean too much when listening to the voicing of a pickup.  You can have different pickups with the same resistance that will be louder/quieter and have completely different response. I understand the winder ended up having some business trouble but he sure knew how to wind a pickup.

Nice inlay work. Jacaranda? No idea.
Burst View
Tokai LS-150 (1981)

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