Sunday, August 31, 2014

From the Past #2: Early Bacchus Live Road / Vintage Series

This Bacchus Live Road is the oldest one I have seen up close. There are a few things that make it different from the later Vintage Series models including lack of serial number and a medium offset tenon. I am not sure if it is a BLS-95 or earlier but my understanding is that the BLS-120s onward would have had a long tenon and generally had serial numbers. 

Two-piece maple top with a 1-piece mahogany back. The guitar was finished in lacquer.

I switched the larger Gotoh bridge for a Tokiwa vintage style ABR.

Decent fretboard wood with some nice looking inlay patterns. This had jumbo frets unlike the later BLS-59 guitars.

You can see some of the chips and scratches on the headstock but there was no headstock finish clouding like with some of the later BLS-120 models.

 Medium offset tenon.

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