Sunday, September 14, 2014

Crews MANIAC SOUND and K&T Pickups

What about these CREWS MANIAC SOUND Les Pauls?

They are made in Japan and as far as I can tell and based on information from people at KEY Musicland the LPs at least have been made by Terada and Deviser (Bacchus). The list prices range from 98,000 yen to 520,000 yen for this brand.

Here are a couple of links to a video demos of Crews LPS. Enjoy!

First video:
From the youtube explanation: 

The first one is the KTR-LS01 with standard KTR (non-handwound) pickups. The guitar is made by Deviser and has a 2-piece African mahogany body, 1-piece African mahogany neck. 

The second one is a LTR LTD with K&T "Not For Sale" NFS Pickups. Gain is lower compared to the LS-01 pickups with extremely good definition. Guitar is Terada-made and has a 1-piece body, nitro finish, African mahogany back with South American mahogany neck. Asian rosewood board air-dried for 30 years.

Third is a Terada-made KTR STD. Very-low tension K&T NFS handwound pickups. More complex sound. 

Second Video:

From the youtube explanation: 

First is a KTR STD. Nitro finish with South American mahogany neck and African 
mahogany body. Very-low tension K&T NFS handwound pickups. Fat sound with good depth. 

The second one is a Terada-made KTR 59J. Brazilian fretboard. Sound has definition but with the maple top has a stickiness" to it. (粘り in Japanese). This has a set of first-lot "Not For Sale" NFS Pickups. 

The third guitar is another Terada-made KTR 59J but with a set of first-lot VL-wind "Not For Sale" NFS Pickups. Again, Terada-made guitar.

Last guitar is a Terada-made LED Premium with NOS TOPS K&T pickups which use NOS-wire. The guitar has a Honduran mahogany neck/back and Brazilian fretboard. Slightly relaxed tone with some compression.

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