Friday, May 27, 2016

Sonix Guitars - from the biggest music store in Hamamatsu and Deviser!

There are a few of these "Sonix" guitars out there. The background is that they are a store brand "produced" by Sonix store in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka prefecture in Japan. Hamamatsu also happens to be the home of Yamaha musical instruments and Tokai Gakki. As far as I can tell the Sonix guitars were made by Deviser and more or less matched the Momose line of guitars for specs. Sonix seems to have been one of the big dealers of Bacchus, Rivdrhead, and Momose guitars from the late 90's and you can see some examples of that series (one, two,  three, four) courtesy of the Internet Wayback Machine.

The Sonix brand seems to show up in 2006 with a Regular Spec line and a High Spec line. This link from 2009 has some beautiful LP-style guitars for sale.

I have seen a few Sonix guitars for sale over the last few years and managed to get the 62-style strat and SG two at reasonable prices. The specs seem to vary between the runs they did. The strat is basically a Momose-spec with a 2-pice body and nitro finish. It came with a nice set of Lindy Fralin Blues Specials but I think the last owner put those in along with the reproduction .1 mfd cap.
The SG has the same "Custom Craft" logo as Momoses and has a 1-piece mahogany body and nitro finish. There were models with Brazilian boards but this one seems to be Madagascar to me.

That is all I have on the Sonix story so far...

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  1. Know anything of a Deviser made guitar called Bagtone? I've seen a couple of strats and a tele but no info. Thanks,