Monday, July 11, 2016

Thirty-six MIJ Guitars

Back at the old place in Aoyama the sun came through the window just right to take pictures of guitars on the wall hanger. Here are 36 Japanese made guitars from Greco, Tokai, Burny, Bacchus, Epiphone, Edwards (yes, an MIJ in there!), Orville by Gibson, Navigator (ESP) and a very rare Bison Golden Era reissue. I wish I had kept a few of these but they all have since passed on to new owners. 

And yes, I know I should have kept that Greco SG-800 Custom in cream.


  1. Wow. Nice photos of nice guitars! Do you know where are the nice vintage MIJ guitar shops in Osaka? Thank you very much.

    1. Eva,

      Aren't they amazing? The 4th pic from the top, the Burny, I simply can't take my eyes off it. Wish there were more pictures of that one available. At the moment, I'm believing it's the most beautiful Les Paul style guitar I've ever seen...