Thursday, November 6, 2014

1982 Greco Strat : part 2

The oddball guitar arrived a couple of weeks ago in rough shape as expected. Super dry fretboard, volume pot that was stuck and needed replacement, and several years of accumulated gunk on the body and metal parts. The frets were heavily oxidized and needed some polishing. Thankfully fretwear was just noticeable on the first few frets and since the frets are vintage size anyway it looked worse than it was.
Greco logo, brass nut.
The neck is almost "Super Real" size and is wide at the nut at 42.5 mm which was unexpected. It is very comfortable to play and has no neck issues. The pickup looked to have a ceramic magnet and has resistance in the 7.5 k range which is very nice in a strat guitar. Rolling off the volume and changing the tone setting gives a pretty wide range of sounds. 

I thought this might be something that I pass on quickly but it ranks among the most comfortable strats I have played and has very nice sustain. Could it be the brass bridge? In any case, here are some pictures of mystery model Greco from April 1982.

5-piece body, single humbucker routing

Brass bridge

Cleaned up

April 1982 serial number

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