Sunday, November 23, 2014

Classic Bacchus Strat

Matching Headstock

I found this one for sale on Yahoo Japan in a modded state. It had just a single P-90 in the bridge position and no singles. I thought that might sound pretty nice in a LP Jr type of way. When it arrived it was pretty clear that the standard P-90 polepiece pitch was not wide enough to be centred under each string on the guitar. The result was that the high e and low e strings noticeably lacked output compared to the rest. Too bad as the routing and mounting was done professionally. In the end, I took out the P-90 and put in a set of Yutas that were from a Momose strat with a new pickguard. 

I think a mini-humbucker with the wider magnetic field would be great as a future possibility but for now it is back to a standard strat.

This has a nice thick neck and great frets. It has nice rounded fret ends that you usually see on more expensive guitars.
A few bumps and dents
Is this Inca Silver finish?

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