Saturday, November 8, 2014

Tokai LC-100

Nice pair

Not much to write here. I have had Grecos, Burnys, ObGs, and a Navigator but the top of the heap has been the Tokai LC-100. Beautiful top carves with all-mahogany construction.

Here are some pics of the couple I had. The black beauty is still with me and shouldn't be going anywhere soon.

Distinct ebony with lots of pores. Mop inlays,  fret-edge binding

Yellowed lacquer with a couple of chips

Thin lacquer finish showing the pores

Nice mahogany grain

Waffleback USA Klusons


  1. HI there

    Do plan on selling either one of these? if so how much?

    1. Ooops sorry I didn't read properly, I take it the red one is the only one you have left?

    2. Sorry I have since sold the other one as well and just am down to a Greco custom . Good luck finding one of these. They are out there from time to time.