Saturday, December 6, 2014

Good times! - mystery Japanese guitar #2

Good Times
Or is is "Good Tunes"?

This Les Paul "Love Rock" looks like it would have been a custom order or something made in-house at Tokai. It has typical Tokai construction with a multi-piece back and 2-piece maple top. I guess it would have been equivalent to an LS-60. I can't recall if it had a serial number or not. My guess is from around 1990 from the codes on the potentiometers.

Tokai seems to have done a lot of custom orders and shop runs over the years with models for Mizuno, Pacifix, Hibiki, Kurosawa and Real Standard in recent years.

Typical Tokai routing and tenon

3-piece back

1989 pot codes?

Gold colour backplates

Decent maple top
Rosewood board with some decent grain

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