Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year - あけましておめでとうございます!

Happy New Year everyone. Aoyama Oyaji spent the holidays in Japan as usual and had fun going around to some of the great music stores in Japan. Even if I didn't really find many interesting deals in the stores this time it is always great to go and visit some of the good people who work at Japanese music stores. Taku-san at Nico Nico Guitars, Akiyama-san at Studio102 and the great little vintage shop Nancy in Shibuya. Unfortunately Kishida-san wasn't there when I dropped by but I did pick up his CD Northern Song from 2014. I haven't listened to it yet but am sure it is up there with all his other stuff. Here is a YT video of Kishida-san from 2013 playing his 1959 burst "Jessica", previously owned by Dickey Betts who played it on the Allman Brothers "Brothers and Sisters" album.

One more from Kishida-san, playing one of my favourite ABB songs, "Jessica", on the Les Paul "Jessica".

I also popped into Shibuya Ishibashi today and chatted with Jason who does a stellar job in making it easy for non-Japanese people to shop for guitars at Ishibashi. He is also an amazing video producer and pointed me to the multi-cam GoPro video he did of Steve Vai in Tokyo. While I am not a big Steve Vai fan per se the video gave me a new appreciation of his playing and is just a cool piece of work from Jason.

It is time to go to sleep in Yokohama, but before I do I will check out some more of this video.

Happy New Year everyone, have a great 2015 and may your guitars never be left unplayed.

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