Thursday, January 15, 2015

Flippin' Flyin' V!

1982 Greco Flying V. Model unknown.
The mystery V I purchased way back in September finally made its way to Singapore. It is a bit of a player's piece for sure with some good honest wear on the frets and the board but the neck is straight and fat which makes for a good flying V.

Mirrored pickguard
There are lots of bumps and dents on this one but it all looks like it belongs. I changed the radio knobs to the dish ones as I just like the look better.
Nicely aged hardware
Scream'in 1982 pickups under the hood.
The Scream'in 1982 measure around 7.6 k each and with the pickguard you have to keep them a bit lower than I would usually have humbuckers or the covers will come out of the pickguard. They sound pretty good as is and I think they will stay where they are.
Invisible tenon (under the paint?) and a nice rosewood slab board.
Fujigen used some nice woods on these 1982 Mint Collections. I'd guess the board is Indian Rosewood. No veneers here, you get a full slab board.

Hard to say what this model was supposed to be. I think Paul Stanley had a V with a mirrored guard so maybe that is what this is supposed to be.


Aoyama Oyaji
Topwound for kicks

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